Cloud Computing is a high-availability technology which provides services around the clock, minimizing systems downtime and business interruptions. Also, it provides business owners the ability to reach out a larger customer’s base through web & mobility devices or connecting distributed business centers with integrated systems. These will guarantee a huge saving on cost of technical infrastructure.

The Advanced Services portfolio is based on a wealth of experience in providing information systems solutions to customers across a wide range of technology platforms, enabling TechiWare to offer vast knowledge and expertise in a form that best meets their needs. We will be happy to listen t your thoughts of what you you are looking for, and will provide you best consulting so you can make sure you got the best options.

ERP systems are significant as they are built on a single comprehensive database to share information across the enterprise. On the internal side, can be assumed to be complete and comprehensive. This will enable managers & decision makers to get real status and very detailed reports of business operations. We at TechiWare provide you with our deep and wide experience which suites different sizes of business.

Storage Solutions

IT experts always recommend to take necessary measurements of continuous data backup and protection. Data loss might have huge impact on business operation. Our storage solutions from TechiWare give you the best data backup solution, protection and safety with additional features such as integration with your existing infrastructure, segregation of duty and remote access.

TechiWare POS solutions are an interactive systems suits different business sectors which can cover even advanced features those traditional POS systems don’t offer. You may also ask for the premium service of an online access which will allow you to track your sales team from anywhere and connect all branches in one integrated sales system.

Modern computation at our fingertips; this is simply how we can describe the huge development in the Mobility solutions. Many of government, services and business organizations are competing in moving their attention of providing services and information on their own mobile platform. This big shift wave reduced the pressure on service centers and allowed continuous service providing to customers and beneficiaries in addition to provide new level of services. TechiWare can be your assistance to build your own Mobile gate allowing your organization to provide advanced and unique services through mobile apps.

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