Through comprehensive analysis, our team identifies system operability to design complete business solutions. Integration is TechiWare core strength and we are experts in condensing complex systems into a single, secure solution. From planning, detailed network design, to implementation and rapid deployment, we seamlessly integrate and provide customized networks for the secure transfer of data. Leveraging new technologies, such as virtual private networking (VPN); TechiWare spans the digital divide to provide your business with a technical edge.

Hardware Services
TechiWare Hardware Services provides a comprehensive set of skills and capabilities to assist customers with the full range of Hardware Product Support needs. TechiWare Hardware Services are applicable across a wide spectrum of opportunities, ranging from basic, single server environments to very complex, multi-server, multi-vendor environments. These services include Hardware Planning, Design, Installations, Relocations, Moves, Additions, Alterations, Upgrades, Equipment Modifications and Operational Support Services; as well as staff augmentation or out-tasking in support of hardware products and services.

Software Services
TechiWare Software Services provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to assist customers with the full range of software support, as well as all Storage Systems products, SAN, and SWG products. The services cover all operating systems and sub-systems and middleware. The services range from one-time offerings to multi-year, ongoing support offerings including staff augmentation or out-tasking of clients’ selected operational and system functions. These services include Planning, Design, Installation, Migration, Integration, Smooth Start, Operational, Software Maintenance, Technical Support and Support Line.

Site Enabling Services
TechiWare Site Enablement Services provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to assist customers with changes to their physical IT infrastructure. We provide Planning, Design, Implementation and Power Protection Services, focused on minimizing the environmental causes to business disruption. This includes basic site preparation through total solution development, design and implementation of data centers, e-business cyber centers, and intelligent buildings. Included in these solutions can be comprehensive systems for controlling security, fire protection, computer room air conditioning and chillers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), engine generators, power distribution units and the integration of IT and facilities management systems.

Maintenance Services
TechiWare Maintenance Services & programs include Remote Support, Predictive, Preventative, Depot and On-Site support. Our World-class call centers and Parts Logistic Centers are strategically located throughout the world and offer a wide variety of support programs. Various Response and Fix type of contracts are available to support unique customer requirements.

With our team strictly dedicated to maintenance, we ensure that operational efficiency and business resilience are not sacrificed in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. As the corporate climate focuses on stretching their IT dollar, some businesses are focusing their need son extending their IT value by aligning their technology needs along with their goals. We understand these concerns, which is why all solutions are tailored to meet the optimum goals and needs of our customers.